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Discover how Sir Ian Botham can benefit your organisation's next venture.

“Ian was always very enthusiastic and didn’t mind showing it.”
Sir Mick Jagger
The Rolling Stones
“He’s a wonderful man, very gregarious and generous, a great player and a natural leader, with a scaldingly cruel sense of humour.”
Eric Clapton

Brand Ambassador

It is understood that association plays a vital role in the strength of a brands identity.

Sir Ian Botham represents resiliencetrust, loyalty and success — if these values align with your organisation’s beliefs, reach out today.

Speaking Engagements

Sir Ian Botham’s speaking experience spans widely; from corporate lunches & sporting event panels to international television broadcasts & one-on-one interviews.

Corporate Golf Day

It is well-known that Ian’s sporting ability extends well beyond the wickets. Enquire now for unique golfing event opportunity.

Charity Events

Beefy has raised over 25 million pounds by organising charity walks across the globe.

These incredible acts lead to the 2007 event which saw Ian knighted by Queen Elizabeth 11 in recognition for his services to charity.

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